“Help!” comes the text from the daughter living in NYC, “Do you still carry that wonderful mosquito spray?”  You mean Aromaflage?  Of course we do!  “Well, I’m getting eaten alive this summer.  I would love to have one.” Hmm, I’ll take that as a gentle hint and make a mental note that we need to promote this product in our store.   I’d be happy to send you one.  What scent do you want?  “Oh, the one that you wear.  You always smell so good!”

Flattery will get you everywhere! And the timing of her text is perfect, because we are in the middle of wedding season, outdoor entertainment season and all around summertime fun, and it’s time to remind everyone that help is on the way.  In the form of a mosquito spray!

We shared this with you last year, but we love the marriage of a good story and  a fine product, and this one is about both: Why a nice a nice guy named Mikey, and his lovely wife Momo, came up with the best mosquito repellent ever called Aromaflage and why we have been excited enough to want to carry it in our store  — and even write about it!