Memphis, the ‘Birthplace of Rock and Roll,’ is known for its talent and takes pride in its colorful art scene. Our shop is proud to feature art from many of our talented local artists!


Eleanor Hasting

Eleanor Hastings is a native of Virginia and has been a resident of Memphis, Tennessee for twenty years.  While receiving no formal art training, Eleanor has been creating her entire life.  She’s an entrepreneur and has owned two creative businesses. While living in Tallahassee, Florida, she was a faux-finish artist and painted furniture and interiors in Northern Florida & Southern Georgia. She also started a stationery company in Memphis, Tennessee, which designed, produced and distributed her work to stationery stores throughout the U.S.



Emily Ryan Smith

I have learned by doing.  That is art, as I know it. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from extremely talented artists and dear friends.  I appreciate that I never know where the painting will take me or how it will evolve. The beauty of painting is like life in that there is no permanent mistake. There is the grace of starting over, wiping a slate clean, removing layers, and turning the wrong step into something restored and more amazing than before.  My hope is that through my work, joy finds its way from my porch to yours.  


Katie Robinson

I have been drawn to colors for as long as I can remember.  I loved discovering color in new and unexpected places such as the rainbow in an oil slick, or the inside of a piece of fruit. It was incredible to learn to mix my own colors when I began painting as a child. As my life journey changes, so do my colors.  I have gone through phases of whites and greys, but I always end upcoming back to bold and vibrant colors.  As an artist, I want to always push myself creatively by exploring new techniques, experimenting with other mediums, and working with colors in new combinations.


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Molly Witherington

I've been making messes and recreating the places I love from the time I was introduced to finger paints. I have been fortunate to have wonderful art instructors in high school (Harpeth Hall - Nashville), during college (Vanderbilt University) and most recently at Flicker Street Studio here in Memphis. Though I have traveled many places and enjoyed a variety of cultures and landscapes, there isn't a place in the world that can supply the peace that home does. And for me, home is the south. When I paint, I am allowed to experience a sense of home as I recreate the landscapes that I have stared into for hours on the road in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and the Gulf Coast. I find the most beauty in the ordinary, and I seek to recreate the sense of rooted-ness that the southern landscape offers on paper. It's my attempt at making home more permanent. Though I began painting as a way to bring order and control, I am currently learning to let go of that control, especially with watercolors, by letting gravity and the flow of water have the final say in much of my work. I find that this enables me to enjoy the process without fretting over what the final product may look like. Right now I am trying to let the beauty that "letting go of control" filter into my real life! My husband, Hunter, and I have 3 busy children ages 9,7, and 4. Hunter is a lifelong Memphian and I've called Memphis home since we were married in 2006.


Sophie Canale

Growing up in Memphis, Sophie (Kauerz) Canale started painting as a young girl surrounded and encouraged by her talented aunts and their artist friends. An early favorite artist, Henri Matisse, inspired Sophie to leave her mark in color! Her passion for life and love is embodied in her abstract paintings that are emotional responses to the world around her, completely engulfing her in the process of creation. While her compositions are often full of contradicting tones and unexpected angles, the finished product is always harmonious and genuine -- accidentally on purpose.